Liverpool Trip Part 6 – North Wales Day Trip

Yes, this is Wales

After our brief visit to Crosby Beach on our arrival day, we got a good night’s sleep and ventured further afield the next morning. After breakfast at the Aloft, we took the rental car and headed to Wales.

I had been to Conwy and Llandudno on a prior visit which are reachable via train from Liverpool. This time, I had found a great shelling beach for my wife on a large island called Anglesey which is north-west of the mainland. It took about 2.5 hours to get there. From the parking garage, we drove through the Queensway Tunnel out of Liverpool. Then we drove down the Wirral, a peninsula that separates the Mersey River from the Irish Sea. We picked up the North Wales Expressway just past the border and took that all the way to Anglesey where we branched off toward Newborough Beach.

Here’s a map of our route to the beach:

We picked a great weather day to make the trip as it was around 60 degrees and sunny most of the day. The last few miles to the beach parking lot were on a very narrow road, but thankfully there was not much traffic. We managed to find a parking spot and we enjoyed several hours on the beach. Despite the fact that there were a lot of people (and dogs) out for the day, it never felt super-crowded.

There was a small peninsula that becomes accessible at low tide. It has some old ruins and a church that was visited by pilgrims in the 17th century. My wife found a ton of shells that she has not been able to find on Florida or Hawaii beaches. I walked many miles on the firm sand which was great for hiking.

After grabbing an ice cream from a food truck in the parking lot, we drove back to Liverpool. We briefly swung by Llandudno, but decided not to stop as it was very crowded. It was a great day out, helped a lot by the fantastic weather. We would not have made it to this beach without a rental car.

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