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  • Speedy Travel vs. Slow Travel

    A few weeks ago I posted on TripAdvisor forums to get some feedback on a planned itinerary in Central and Southern Vietnam for our upcoming trip in early 2024. I prefaced the request with a note that I realized we were doing a lot in a short time, but we don’t have unlimited vacation time…

  • Be Careful About Credit Card Eligibility

    As you’re probably aware if you’re reading this blog (among others in the points and miles area), you always need more points. The best way to earn more credit card (or airline or hotel) points is by signing up for new credit cards. Yes, you can earn a decent number of points from category bonuses…

  • 2023 Summer Travel Trips

    It’s almost the summer travel season. Hurricane and thunderstorm seasons are just about upon us. It’s also amateur travel season as the once per year Disney/national park/beach travelers take to the skies once school is out for the summer. I have a few tips for those that are traveling over the next few months. These…

3 thoughts on “Empty Nester Miles

  1. Great presentation at Rotary today. Walked away educated. Please add me to your list serve and if you could flip me the FB page link I’d appreciate it. Thank you and again nice job!


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