NYC Winter Weekend Trip Report Part 6 – JFK Lounge Reviews – Centurion and SkyClub

JFK Amex Centurion entrance

We arrived at JFK Terminal 4 around 4:30pm, quite a bit early for our 7:59pm flight, but our business was done in Manhattan and worsening weather was forecast for that evening. I managed to convince my wife we should try both the Amex Centurion Lounge and the SkyClub. You know, for blog content šŸ™‚

The JFK Centurion Lounge is not far from the security exit on the same level. It was about nine minutes before the three-hour window where we were technically allowed to enter, but the nice agent didn’t even mention it and let us right in. We made a beeline for the speakeasy which is on the lower level of the split-level club.

Speakeasy Bar

We found a table for two across from the bar and both ordered a cocktail. My wife didn’t love her Cosmo but I really enjoyed the Boulevardier. I apologize for no picture of the menu, but they will make you just about anything. The bartender was friendly.

There’s a buffet on both levels (and another bar upstairs). We grabbed some food from the buffet. It was the usual Centurion staples of chicken thighs, potatoes, veggies and salads.

I would have spent more time exploring the lounge, but it was very busy and my wife wanted to head to the SkyClub where we could get some better food (yes, we prefer the more varied SkyClub food to the Centurion in the lunch/dinner hours) and settle in to wait for our flight.

Thankfully, our flight was scheduled to depart from a gate very close to the SkyClub which is located near Gate B31. We went down to the main level and walked down the long B Concourse. There was of course a wait at the SkyClub at 6:00pm on a Monday evening. Luckily for us, we had been upgraded to First Class on our flight that evening so we could stand in the much shorter Diamond/DeltaOne/First line. We were through in a few minutes and into the SkyClub.

We found two decent seats in the main seating area just on the other side of the escalator from the food and drinks. I switched to soft drinks as I was planning to drive home from the airport when we arrived later that night. We tried the various food options.

We chatted (well, I chatted) with the two guys across from us who were headed to Zurich. I hope they got there eventually as I saw the next morning that their flight had been canceled. While we were there, it started snowing. Unfortunately, the SkyDeck was closed for the winter so I didn’t get to witness this first-hand.

I really like the renovated JFK SkyClub. Yes, it’s way too busy, but that will hopefully get better when the new Concourse A SkyClub opens later this year. I like when Delta incorporates local food and beverage options. There was also plenty of room at the buffet despite how busy the lounge was at that hour.

If you have time, it’s worth a visit to the Centurion speakeasy for a cocktail before visiting the SkyClub. We’ll be back at JFK again next month on the way back from the UK so we may visit both lounges again if we have time.

Around 7:15pm, we headed to our nearby gate. That’s when our troubles began.

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