NYC Winter Weekend Trip Report Part 1 – Getting to NYC in Delta First Class

Early morning at ATL

After our two-week trip to Kenya at the beginning of the year, this was our first domestic flight of 2023 and our first flight on Delta after I renewed my Platinum status for 2023. We got off to a good start as we were upgraded to First Class. Last year, I was only upgraded on 2 of 19 flights (not counting flights where I successfully used my Regional Upgrade Certificates or paid for First Class to use my Delta Reserve companion ticket.

After quickly getting through security on this Saturday morning, we went to the Concourse A Center SkyClub. There are two SkyClubs in the A Concourse and we usually go to the A17 one, but I decided to switch things up this time. The Center one has two floors with a small buffet and self-serve soft drinks and coffee on the lower level and a full buffet and bar on the top level.

There was the usual breakfast buffet of baked egg bites, sausage, potatoes and lots of carby pastry options. Delta also has self-service espresso machines that can make all kinds of espresso-based drinks.

After 1/2 hour or so, we went to our gate and timed it perfectly, as they called First Class boarding as we walked up.

The flight up to JFK was uneventful. A drink was served along with some interesting snacks like gummy bears and granola bars.

When we arrived, it had just started snowing. Although we had planned to take the train to Grand Central from Jamaica, we just decided to grab an Uber as there was not much traffic and we could get door-to-door in the snowy conditions.

We arrived at the Andaz 5th Avenue around 11:30am and waited for our daughter to arrive on the train to Penn Station from New Jersey. I had two rooms booked, one for us with a Suite Upgrade Award and one for my daughter on a Hyatt Guest of Honor booking.

Up Next: Review of the Andaz 5th Avenue.

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