Kenya Trip Report Part 17 – KLM Crown Lounge 52 AMS Review

Lots of Delft houses

The flagship KLM Lounge in Amsterdam is available to business class (or first class) customers as well as elite Skyteam members from KLM and its partners. We had access through our business class award tickets on KLM.

The lounge is absolutely massive but was busy the entire time we were there from about 1pm to 3:45pm. When we arrived, we found some comfortable looking couch-type seats in the main seating area of the lounge with plenty of charging stations.

The different areas of the lounge

There is also an upper level with a huge premium bar and more seating, a restaurant area with a buffet and another bar, and a sort of mid-level with stairs through it that has more seating. The lounge also has showers, plenty of bathrooms and lockers if you want to store your bags and explore the lounge.

I signed up for a shower when I arrived and there was a wait of about an hour. It wasn’t intuitive how to sign up but I eventually figured out the system was automated and then you receive an email with a QR code to enter the shower room within 10 minutes. Of course, it didn’t work so an attendant had to let me in anyway.

The shower rooms do not also have toilets unlike most other lounge shower rooms I’ve seen in other airports. The shower was a good temperature and water pressure and the room was clean.

The buffet was quite extensive with sandwiches, salads, hot food, charcuterie and desserts. There were plenty of vegetarian and vegan selections as well.

Drinks were available at the bar, but anything beyond basic level liquors were only offered at the premium bar upstairs for a price (either in miles or Euros). I found KLM was stingier than Delta in terms of the brands offered for free and the prices for premium drinks.

There was another food and drink area on the far side of the lounge that was not open when we were there. My guess is that the lounge gets even busier before the evening flights and that’s when this area is opened.

The lounge was a comfortable place to wait for our flights and provided some good food to snack on and had plenty of staff to pick up used plates and glasses.

Around 3:45pm, we left the lounge and headed to our gate for our final flight of the trip.

Up Next: KLM 777-200 AMS-ATL – Pleasant Flight Despite the Aircraft Change.

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