Kenya Trip Report Part 15 – KLM 777-300 NBO-AMS – Overnight to Europe

After our lounge visit in Nairobi, we were at the gate in our priority seats waiting to board. After wheelchairs and families with small children, business class boarding was called. We boarded a few minutes after the scheduled time and found our seats in the business class cabin.

Scheduled 23:59-6:35 (+1 day)
Actual 00:34-6:46

Despite being an older 2-2-2 product, the cabin looked pretty fresh and clean. These cabins will all be replaced by 1-2-1 reverse herringbone seats in the next year or two. I picked seats in rows 3 and 4 near the middle of the forward cabin so that we would be as far away from galleys and toilets as possible.

We had amenity kits at our seats along with pillows and blankets.

Pre-departure beverages were offered and it was a choice of orange juice, Heineken or sparkling wine (it was cava – I asked). The seat was much wider than the Qatar Airways A330 2-2-2 configuration as the 777 is a wider aircraft. It was nice and wide in the shoulders but somehow a bit narrow in the middle.

We took off a bit late, but we were told we would make up some time in the air. I wasn’t too bothered as our reservations at the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam were at 9:30am the next morning.

Here is the menu for the flight:

I decided to skip dinner and try and sleep. Unfortunately, we hit some rough air over northern Africa and it was hard to fall asleep. I mostly rested. My family all tried dinner and said it wasn’t very good. I ended up watching some episodes of The Crown.

There was free messaging on board, but it ran pretty slow. I didn’t bother paying for internet access.

I finally slept for an hour or so. The lights came on around 4:45CET for breakfast, a bit early in my opinion as we still had about two hours to go. I ordered the pancakes and they were decent. You’ll have to take my word for it as I didn’t get a picture without the foil 😊

We landed just about on time and our taxi put us at the gate about 10 minutes late. All in all, it was a pleasant enough flight. The flight attendants were great and of course, we all got the Delft gin houses that KLM is famous for distributing in business class.

Up Next: A Few Hours in Amsterdam

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