Kenya Trip Report Part 2 – AA Flagship Lounge Chicago

Entrance and champagne bar

After our daughter went to meet her friend for lunch, my wife and I walked down the H/K Concourse at O’Hare and found the dual entrance to the Flagship Lounge and Admirals Club. At the main entrance, the agent gave us a plastic reusable pass that we then turned in at the entrance to the Flagship Lounge on the second floor (the Admirals Club is on the third floor). We entered the relatively empty club around 1:15pm. We found some seats close to the entrance as our older daughter would be arriving in ½ hour or so. We grabbed some lunch and a glass of champagne.

Lunch and a coke zero

The buffet was extensive and much better than anything in a basic airline lounge.

The bar was free-pour and had some decent wine offerings as well.

Free-pour bar with some local offerings

One downside of no bartender is a lack of some mixers being available. I asked for simple syrup to make an old-fashioned, but they did not have any. There were also several big coolers with lots of water, seltzers, beers, fruit juices and soft drinks.

Our daughter arrived shortly afterwards and after we had all had our fill of lunch, we decided to relocate to some loungers at the far side of the lounge so we could rest a bit ahead of our long flight to Doha. There were plenty of power outlets all through the lounge.

The lounge certainly had many seating options for both rest and work. These pictures show how empty it was earlier in the afternoon. It did get noticeably more crowded around 3:30-4pm as passengers for the evening redeye flights began to arrive.

I managed to catch our aircraft arriving into ORD through the large windows in the lounge.

777 compared with a Cessna

I watched some of the TCU-Michigan game on the big TV near the bar area before it was time for us to head over to Terminal 5. We left to meet our younger daughter outside the door in the departures area closest to the airport train. We then all took the train together to Terminal 5 to check in with Qatar Airways.

Up Next: QSuites!

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