New LGA Delta SkyClub Review

New LGA Delta Sky Club

On my way to tend to my daughter in Connecticut (who had an unfortunate horse-riding accident but is OK), I flew up to New York LaGuardia as it was half the price of flying to Hartford. It’s about a 90-minute drive from LaGuardia to New Haven where she lives, but it was worth the extra drive to save over $250 each way on the flight.

I flew from Atlanta to LaGuardia and arrived around 10:30am. As I had a decent drive ahead of me, I decided to stop in at the brand-new SkyClub which opened recently in the remodeled Terminal C. It was a bit of a walk from my arrival gate, but I managed to find it quite easily.

The new club is huge. It will eventually include an outdoor SkyDeck and be over 34,000 square feet. Despite the size, it was fairly crowded at that hour, but there was plenty of seating and no long lines at the buffet.

After you scan your boarding pass, you head up this escalator to the club

It was just before 11am when I arrived, but the buffet had already switched from breakfast to lunch. Due to the number of people in line, I did not get a ton of pictures of the food, but they had plenty of hot options, cold cuts, sandwiches, salads, and desserts. It was probably the most extensive buffet I have seen at a domestic-oriented airline lounge in the US.

There is also a bar area with an extensive selection of alcoholic beverages (most have an upcharge, but there are some free selections of beer, wine and liquor). There are also coffee and water/tea stations.

The SkyClub Bar

The restrooms are a bit tricky to find, but they have the newest technology with automated touchless doors to avoid getting any germs on your fingers before you head to the buffet.

Overall, I enjoyed my short visit on arrival (yes, Delta still allows access on arrival) and I look forward to visiting the club again on my next time through LaGuardia. Terminal C has gone from old and decrepit to bright and airy. When the entire project is finished, Delta will have 37 gates in operation, making it a fairly significant Northeast hub.

From the club, I walked to National Rental Car and picked up my car for the weekend. Up next, I’ll review the Hotel Marcel in New Haven, CT.

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