Montreal/Quebec City Trip Report Part 4 – Restaurant Roundup

Lining up outside La Banquise

We ate some great (and average) food on our trip. I’m going to provide some brief reviews and pictures of our food and drinks.

Ryu Sushi – We looked for a place that was walking distance to our hotel as our daughter was not arriving until after 8pm by car and the last thing we wanted her to do after a six hour drive was get in an Uber. This place was a block over from the Sheraton and I was able to make a 9:30pm reservation.

We sat outside in pleasant temperatures and enjoyed our dinner. It was pricy, but the sushi was good quality, and the drinks were tasty.

Salmon tacos at Ryu

La Banquise – I wanted to try poutine, and this is the place to do it. They have it prepared tons of different ways. I tried the one with smoked meat and it was delicious. We also tried a good local beer. There was a 30 minute wait for a table at 1:30pm. No reservations are accepted here.

Everyone enjoyed their poutine made various ways.

Poutine with smoked meat

Joe Beef – This is a famous Montreal restaurant popularized for tourists by the late Anthony Bourdain. I managed to get a 10pm reservation on Saturday night. We napped earlier in the afternoon, so we’d be awake for such a late dinner.

We started with cocktails and then tried to make sense of the menu, which was only in French. Our bilingual waiter was helpful and basically listed everything on the menu. The food was hit and miss. The appetizers (scallop, snails, and ham/melon) were good. I enjoyed my halibut, but my wife didn’t love her lamb dish. We all enjoyed the desserts.

This place is expensive so be prepared to spend quite a bit if you must go here. I wouldn’t go back but it was a fun experience.

St-Viateur Bagels – We stopped here on our way out of town and grabbed bagels to go with some packaged smoked salmon and cream cheese. They apparently have a café location which would have probably made more sense than eating our bagels in the car. I really liked the warm sesame bagel, but the cold cinnamon raisin one I tried was just average. I’m glad we got to try Montreal style bagels but I’m not sure what all the fuss is about.

Sagamite – We ate dinner here in Quebec City on the recommendation of the Fairmont concierge. It is a First Nations-owned restaurant serving game meats like venison, elk, etc. It was a bit different than what we had tried so far, and the food was good. It’s probably not on most popular restaurant lists for Quebec City, but I recommend giving it a try.

Deli Snowdon – We met my 91 year old cousin here for lunch on our way to the airport. It’s an old-school Montreal deli with delicious smoked meat sandwiches and great fries. It’s out of the way for most tourists, but if you’re on the way to/from the airport, stop here for breakfast or lunch.

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