Help Empty Nester Miles Help You

Yours truly on the Chicago River

I’ve enjoy writing this blog and it’s been fun to share my opinions and trip reports so far. It’s relatively inexpensive to operate a blog and Facebook Group but it’s not free. Besides the cost of operating the website, there’s obviously a time commitment.

There are a couple of ways you can help both defray the costs and encourage me to spend more time on this hobby. I appreciate anyone who has already done this.

1. If you are thinking about opening a new credit card, please use one of my links. My partners at Travel Freely will always have the best available offers, even if it’s someone else’s referral link and not a paid affiliate link.

2. If you are interested in doing some award travel searches, use my Empty Nester Miles affiliate link. You can see how far your transferrable points or airline miles will get you as you plan that next big trip.

3. If you would like me to write about specific topics in the points, miles and travel world, please email me at I will answer your questions right here in this space.

I look forward to writing about our upcoming trips to Montreal/Quebec, Ireland, Kenya, Liverpool, and Southeast Asia, as well as anything else points/miles/travel related that I feel like sharing.

Thanks for reading this blog and thanks for helping us out.

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