Quick Review: SpringHill Suites Charlotte/Ballantyne

Burnt Ends for dinner in Charlotte

I had to be in Charlotte this week for a morning meeting so I decided to drive up the night before and spend the night nearby. I chose the SpringHill Suites over a Hampton Inn that was slightly closer to my meeting location as it was a bit cheaper and I could earn some Marriott points, as I’m a bit shorter on those than Hilton points right now.

I thought it would also be interesting to see how this brand has held up during Covid. I used to like this brand when we traveled with our kids for soccer and lacrosse tournaments.

Before my four hour drive, I checked in online via the Marriott Bonvoy app. On arrival, the hotel did not look full based on the limited number of cars in the lot and I purposely did not message the hotel or ask about an upgrade just to see what would happen. Well, nothing happened.

When I got to the front desk around 6:30pm, I gave my name and the agent handed me my keys. He didn’t offer any special greeting for being a Titanium member, bottled water or any other amenities. The hotel has a bar that was open but with exactly zero customers (it was Monday evening to be fair).

I went up to my assigned room on the fifth (top) floor (a regular sized mini suite that is standard at these properties) and…none of the lights worked except the bathroom light. I called down to the front desk but there was no answer. I walked down and the agent working the front desk came out from his back room to help me. I explained what happened, he apologized and said he would switch my room. I did mention at this point that a Titanium upgrade would be nice (although I wasn’t that bothered either way). He gave me the new keys and the room was on the second floor and the same as the first room except the lights worked.

I do like that SpringHill separated the toilet (with an extra sink) from the shower and main sink. I also like the large desk. After dinner at a local BBQ place, I asked for some bottled water on my way back to the room, and the agent just told me to take one from the cooler in the little store near the front desk.

I slept ok. The bed and pillows were fine. The next morning, I grabbed breakfast at the hotel breakfast buffet. They had turkey sausage, scrambled eggs, yogurts, packaged muffins and bagels, cereal, oatmeal and coffee. I don’t think it was appreciably better than the last Fairfield Inn breakfast I had, and this brand is supposed to be a step up.

Breakfast buffet

I checked out via the app and went to my meeting. The room was fine (the second one anyway), but I wouldn’t go out of my way to return to this property or the SpringHill Suites brand in general.

Branding issue

Quick funny observation: my meeting was at a co-working space called Venture X. I mentioned the Capital One credit card of the same name to the person working there and she basically said everyone wants to know if they are affiliated with Capital One. I told her they should offer bonus points if people pay with the card.

If you enjoyed this post (or have questions), let me know in the comments or send me an email at emptynestermiles@gmail.com. If you are thinking about opening a new credit card, please use one of my links.

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