Point.Me Takes the Stress Out of Award Searches

Picture copyright: Point.me

For me, hunting for airline reward tickets is a big part of the fun of collecting points and miles, but that’s not for everyone. For all those who don’t enjoy that part of “the game,” Point.me is a great solution.
It’s a great tool that can save a ton of time by searching across multiple airline programs narrowed down by the type of credit card points you have available.

There are several types of memberships ranging from a $5 starter pass for 24 hours of unlimited searches, a $129 annual membership with more features, and a $260 premium plan that adds a personalized credit card counseling call, five additional starter passes to give out to friends and family, and a discount on concierge services

What are concierge services? If you need help in figuring out how to transfer points once you find an award, there are concierges available through the site to do all the work for you. They will find the awards, figure out the best airline/points combo, transfer and book the awards for you. This can save a bunch of time if you’re not interested in the hunt and more interested in the reward. Obviously, there is an additional cost for this service, but it can be worth it if your time is valuable and you need an expert to help you determine the best use of your points.

I’m excited to announce that I now have an affiliate link for Point.me, which basically means – please use my link below if you sign up, so I get a few cents 🙂

Point.me Empty Nester Miles affiliate link

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