Portugal Part 10 – Largo do Paco Restaurant Review

Largo do Paco dining room

We’ve been very fortunate over the years to eat at a few Michelin-starred restaurants. Some have very pretentious service, and some have a more casual, fun vibe. I’m pleased to report that Largo do Paco falls into the latter category.

The restaurant has two different tasting menus or an a la carte option. Both of us needed to choose the same option and we went for one of the tasting menus. We decided to add the wine pairing as it was reasonably priced.

I’ll post pictures of the courses below then give you our overall thoughts on the experience.

As you can see, there were about four extra courses that weren’t even on the menu. At the end, the server said she had one more surprise. I asked if it was the check and before she brought out the final dessert she was actually referring to, she brought this:

This was in line with the vibe of the restaurant. The servers, the sommelier and all the staff were professional, but fun and relaxed, not uptight.

We enjoyed all the wines – there were seven in total: four whites, two reds and a port with dessert. I don’t have the list of wines, but they absolutely complimented the food.

This was definitely our best (and most expensive) meal in Portugal. If you are staying at Casa da Calcada, you should definitely try and eat at Largo do Paco. It has held a Michelin star for 19 of the last 20 years, which is quite an achievement in an ever-changing culinary world.

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