Crazy Promotions


Last night, my wife and I were watching a Spanish show on Netflix set in Mallorca and someone on the show took a flight to Madrid. That made me remember an Iberia promotion in 2018.

In that promotion, you could earn 9,000 Iberia Avios when you bought any one-way ticket. There was no obligation to actually take those flights and you could buy up to 10 flights and earn up to 90,000 points.

Based on some reports I saw online, I figured out that Madrid-Mallorca was the cheapest route. By the time I went to buy the tickets, they were going for $33 per flight. I bought 10 with the hope that the bonus miles would post. They did! I earned 90,000 Iberia Avios which we then used for 2 business class tickets to Croatia the following summer, flying Miami-Madrid-Dubrovnik on Iberia while enjoying the American Airlines Flagship lounge in Miami and the Iberia business lounge in Madrid during the trip.

When you see these crazy promotions, you have to jump on them quickly. Those Madrid-Mallorca flights eventually got expensive when everyone jumped on them for the promotion. I wonder what passengers and crew were thinking when those Madrid-Mallorca flights flew almost empty but almost sold out!

These are the things I think about when watching TV.

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